Anonymous asked: How do you think Meryl Streep will handle Last Midnight? I think she'll do great, and I think she will melt souls on Stay With Me!

I have high hopes for Last Midnight - Anna Kendrick can’t stop talking about it!

tocolorthehours asked: To answer the anon question about the music in the trailer... the first one is the piano music that is always in Cinderella's songs. For example, the beginning of "On the Steps of the Palace."

Thank you :)

Anonymous asked: The first song in the teaser is On the Steps of the Palace! :)


Anonymous asked: Can we just take a moment (in the woods) to love that clip where Anna Kendrick is running down the stairs with the epic Stay With Me orchestrations in the background!

It is a lovely moment! Anna looks amazing!

Anonymous asked: what's your main blog?

It has been deleted. I did not have many followers, as I only recently started being an active blogger, and I posted mainly about Into The Woods, so when I was asked to take over this blog, I decided I no longer needed the other one :)

Anonymous asked: Do you know what the name was of orchestral version of the song they played in the movie teaser trailer? For the life of me I can't remember

I believe there are two songs played in the teaser trailer - the first I don’t recognize, the second is “Stay With Me”, I think.

yagomc asked: I thought the logo looked cheap.

Really? I actually liked it. I just wish the “Into the” had a drifferent font.

Anonymous asked: Hi!I'm a huge fan of into the woods from italy (strange,is it?the show is pratically unknown here,except by musical fans :) ).I wish t oask you:do you happen to have the illustrated fairy tale book version of the show??

Hi, greetings from Spain :)

The musical is not very known here either. No, I do not have it :(

Anonymous asked: In that clip with Meryl turning her head, it looks like she is crying. It is so heart wrenching! That must be the point when she figures out Rapunzel is having relations with the prince. She even did this look at her hands probably thinking "Rapunzel could never love me, I am ugly!" It's so sad! :( :)

I don’t think it looks like she is crying, but maybe that is just me. I can’t wait to see that part, though :)


When you hear someone say your name in a conversation.

Into the Woods teaser trailer (x)

Anonymous asked: I personally love the post transformation look of The Witch. De-grayed hair swept up, all the age makeup gone, shortened fingernails, fat suit gone and idk if anyone noticed that the sleeve puffs on her dress puffed up once she was transformed whic I think is a great little detail. What do you think?

I think she looked very good. Not as much of a transformation as it would be on the stage, but perhaps in a movie it’s the best way to go

Anonymous asked: What do you think of Meryl's post transformation look? I like it, and to be fair, thats nit a really good shot. It's pixelated, and her character has sort of been running around the woods, so she's not going to look the way she did immediately after the transformation.

True, the image is not that great, but I think Meryl looks very good. She looks similar enough to let the audiences know it’s the same person (which is something they don’t usually do on stage, but I guess if you are going to pay Meryl Streep to be in a movie, you should show her as much as possible) and she looks just classy, I guess. They obviously can’t go for the “young” thing in the movie, with her age, but they’re definitely going for “younger” and “beautiful” :)

Anonymous asked: Eh, until I see the first reviews from fans I trust, I'm going to treat this movie like it's Mrs. Lovett's pie shop and I'm the beggar woman.

ahah fair enough, but I think it’ll be good :)