gaymerninja asked: If you had to replace either Last Midnight with Boom Crunch or On The Steps with Back to The Palace, which would you pick?

I was going to pick Boom Crunch, because I actually like it, but I simply could not cut Last Midnight, so I would probably say neither, sorry :P I mean, Sondheim worked and replaced those songs for a reason.


Jenna Russell sings “Moments in the Woods” at the 2010 Regent’s Park production of Into The Woods.

She was amazing, one of my top 3 actresses ever to play the Baker’s Wife!


Jenna Russell as The Baker’s Wife 

Into The Woods || Regent’s park 2010

Anonymous asked: Am I greedy if I want a new trailer? NOW!!!!!???

We should probably get a trailer next month (September), I think. In fact, that would be our first trailer, since all we have so far is the teaser trailer.

New look at Meryl Streep’s Witch from Disney’s Into the Woods.


Into The Woods | Fall Movie Preview, 2014

but then how can you know who you are till you know what you want?


into the woods you have to grope, but that’s the way you learn to cope

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ARTIST: Laura Michelle Kelly
SONG: On the Steps of the Palace


On the Steps of the Palace - Laura Michelle Kelly

Dream. Come. True.

Anonymous asked: do you know of No One Is Alone is in the movie? I really hope it is, I just can't picture it in a movie form lol. and do you know if anything is definitely cut from the movie or rumored to be cut? thanks!

I believe No One Is Alone will be kept, I just do not think it could be cut. We do not know which songs are cut from the movie, since all we have is that leaked screenplay that may not even be real, and things often change in post-production, like the new Sondheim song.

brodielikestotouchbutts asked: Hi! I have a character question that's been bugging me for years! In terms of character arcs, where do you think the Witch gets the idea that "children will listen"? She first says they won't then she disappears. So what changes her mind from the point of Rapunzel's death to the end of the show? Sorry if this is a little confusing!

The thing about the Witch and the characters that appear in the Finale is that they not really there, and the morals they teach are directed to the audience, rather than to help move the story along. Each character, based on their story in the musical, is given a moral for the audience to learn from.

I don’t know if that made sense, but basically what I am saying is that it is not really the Witch that is speaking, the audience is simply being tought a lesson from her story. At least that is the way I see it - I may be wrong.

Anonymous asked: There was a screening, and it got generally positive reviews. Except for one on IMDB, but that was posted by a troll. The REAL reviews say that Meryl Streep's singing voice is much fuller, and her Last Midnight is just PERFECTION! Emily Blunt, James Corden, and Anna Kendrick are wonderful. The audience clapped after almost every number. This film is going to be a hit!

That makes me really happy! Now we just have to wait a few months, and everyone will be able to see it! Hopefully it will be as good as everyone is saying.

merylfan1 asked: Although the trailer does look great I'm still worried about the darkness of the story not showing up in the movie , also do you think the deaths in the film will be gruesome like rapunzel and the baker's wife deaths

Though everybody seems to be worried about the lack of darkness in the movie, I am worried about the exact opposite. It is easy to make a dark movie from a somewhat dark musical (if they will do it or not, I don’t know), but it is hard to ballance the darkness with the comedy, and that is what I want to see.

Anonymous asked: If you read the new EW interview with Rob, you'll find that they did not have a month of reshoots, but they added in some flashback scenes for three days. Also, he says Rapunzel's end is still dark and tragic and sad.