The original Broadway cast of Into the Woods

How to know if you’re a true “Into The Woods” fan…


You know every single line of “Your Fault”, and have attempted to sing them all at least once.


immrsyou asked: I've watched "Into the Woods" well over 100 times on Netflix and was heartbroken when they took it off... Where can I find it again and watch resume to watch it religiously?

Buy the DVD! It’s not that expensive and you can watch it as often as you’d like, because you’ll OWN it! If you look in my blog, I believe there’s a page named “where to watch”, on the sidebar, where I wrote about that a while ago :)

Anonymous asked: Do you think we will get a novelization of the movie?

I honestly hope not :P

I’m sorry if you want that to happen, but I just don’t see the point in doing that…

Anonymous asked: I'm pretty sure Milky-White is killed by the Giant in the second-act.

I don’t remember, but it’s possible. She is there during the Act Two Prologue, though, of that I am sure.

Anonymous asked: Okay but imagine a young William Shatner as Rapunzel's Prince.

I believe he’s famous for Star Trek? I’ve never seen Star Trek, sorry :/

Anonymous asked: I'm not psychic or anything lol, but I have a strong feeling that a poster or trailer will be released before the end of this week.

Hmmm, I’m not sure when you sent that, but so far nothing? idk, I don’t think we’ll have to wait much longer :P

Anonymous asked: What do you think about Audra McDonald as the Witch? Just a dreamcast, but I think she would be the one to even get close to Bernadette Peters' level...

I’m not sure… I think her voice is different from what we’re used to, from the Witch? But I mean, I didn’t know if she could puff off Dot from Sunday in the Park, either, and she nailed that… So yeah, I’d like to see that!!! She would of course be able to act the hell out of the role.

yagomc asked: I've just realized that the Baker's father exchange his daughter for a rampion.

ahah you’re right!!! I’d always thought that the Witch was just like “ok, you stole that, now I’m going to punish you” but I’ve just been looking at the actual lyrics and…

[…] I let him have the rampions, I’d lots to spare. “In return however,” I said, “fair is fair - you can let me have the baby that you’ll wife will bear. And we’ll call it square.”

Anonymous asked: Wouldn't it be great if Bernadette and Joanna actually have/had cameos as some of the villagers at the wedding complaining on it should have been them to marry the prince (all while Chip Zien is playing Joannas husband while sighing as he hears this from his wife)! :)

ahah yes that would be quite funny, and a real treat for the fans of the OBC. I can almost picture Bernadette playing a character like the one she did in Cinderella :P 

But yeah, I wouldn’t count on that happening, sorry…

Anonymous asked: Does Milky-white not exist in the second act?

Of course she does!!! I mean, at least on stage, she does, I don’t know about the movie…

Anonymous asked: Would it be okay if Susan Boyle played jacks mother?

Hmmmm… I don’t know? I can’t really picture it… Can she act? Jack’s mother doesn’t need to be a good singer, but I believe she needs to be a good actress, who can balance the realism of the kind of mother she is yet still keep that comedic part.

Anonymous asked: Trying to replicate the performance of a previous actor is usually a downfall to a production, anyway. You're not them and not bringing /your/ heart to the production- it's hollow and lacking sincerity.

I agree. I do believe you can be inspired by someone else’s performance, maybe use one or two things that you felt really suited the character, but to have a personal interpretation is essencial, and if you don’t do that, and bring something from yourself to the character, it will all just seem really hollow. I also believe this should happen not only with performances, but with revivals too! The Broadway revival of Into The Woods did just that and, though in my opinion was not a successful reinterpretation, I’m glad they did that.

Anonymous asked: Aww, my favorite part of the cut finale by far: "If you have to choose between beauty and power-" *singing* "Choose power."

It is pretty cool. I really liked that finale, to be honest, though I do prefer the one that moved to Broadway.