myownlittleworldofsparkles asked: Love your answer to the Meryl/Bernadette question as a fan of both. Very well said.

Thank you :)

Anonymous asked: to the anon who asked about liking meryl more than bernadette: i'm a bernadette girl through and through, but if someone acts all pretentious towards you for liking meryl then screw that. it doesn't matter who plays what. the thing that matters is that itw is a goddamn work of art, and we all appreciate it in different ways!

Meryl Streep & Emma Thompson about working with Stephen Sondheim

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Anonymous asked: Will I be shunned by the ITW fandom if I end up liking Meryl better than Bernadette?

Anyone that judges if you end up liking a performance better than the other needs to shut up. I’m sure Meryl will give a very strong performance, and it all just comes down to how we feel the character is, how we relate to it, and how well we think the actress managed to portray it.

Anonymous asked: What do you think of the ITW movie being rated PG?

Not a fan. At all. I honestly wished with all my heart that it would be PG-13. That scared me a bit, and now news of them changing some characters’ names just made me hate the Disney executives a bit more.

Anonymous asked: What do you think of the new poster? It's rated PG for "thematic elements, fantasy action and peril, and some suggestive material." I'm so excited. Meryl Streep is the queen. And tbh, I don't care if all we get is pictures of her. She get's top billing, so she's the star!

The poster is cool, but I really wish it’s not the definite poster, and my problem seems to be exactly the thing you’re most excited about - it only features Meryl. I don’t like that - I think that Into The Woods is a musical that defies what our concept of a protagonis or what an antagonist is; given that I’d much rather to have the entire group (Little Red, Witch, Jack, Baker, Baker’s Wife) or just the Baker, Baker’s Wife and the Witch, or something… I get that they need to sell this movie, but this just seems misleading. 

By the way, another problem I have is that they mention Chris Pine and Johnny Depp, rather than Daniell Huttlestone and Lila Crawford, but whatever.

Anonymous asked: What's your opinion on people continuously comparing Meryl to Bernadette as the Witch?

Well, they are two very different actresses and they will be two different takes on that role on different mediums, so I see where you are coming from, but at the same time it is still the same role, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be compared. I am not saying that we should be at war claiming that one was better than the other, because we should not, but compare the two takes and see what was different and/or similar, and which one we like better and feel best suits the character.


New Cover For INTO THE WOODS Original Broadway Production Blu-ray

into-the-woods-you-go-again asked: do you know whether the celebration will be recorded? i love all these announcements in conjunction with the movie (eek exciting) xx

Well, all these announcements are obviously only happening because of the movie :P

But to answer your question - I doubt it will be recorded, sadly :(