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Into The Woods (1991)

Careful the tale you tell, that is the spell…


if you know what you want then you go and you find it and you get it

Into the Woods + female character

Into the Woods is like


Act I:

Haha! Quirky fairytale mashup with some twists and turns and a happy ending!

Act II:

Just kidding have some psychological drama, adult fear, and existential uncertainty

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The show was recorded on April the 2nd and will be presented on France Musique by Renaud Machart, aka that guy who wrote that awfully dry biography in french of Stephen Sondheim.

If someone manages to record the show, yay !

ARTIST: Kimy McLaren, Francesca Jackson, Nicholas Garret & Pascal Charbonneau
SONG: No one is alone
ALBUM: Into The Woods, 2014 Paris production


Kimy McLaren, Francesca Jackson, Nicholas Garret & Pascal Charbonneau - No one is alone

Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris - April 6th, 2014

Recorded on my crappy phone. 

I should have a quick review of the show up, some time in the week… 

I want to listen to this whole production so bad you don’t even know…

ARTIST: Pascal Charbonneau
SONG: Giants in the sky
ALBUM: Into The Woods - Paris - 06/04/2014


A not-so-great recording of Giants in the Sky from today’s performance at the Théâtre du Châtelet.

Glee’s rendition of No One Is Alone, from Sondheim’s Into The Woods.

brighteningrevolt asked: how do you feel about Glee's rendition of No One Is Alone?

You know what? I didn’t hate it.

(I didn’t really like it, either, and I doubt I’ll be listening to it again, but it was nowhere near as bad as Broadway Baby)

What I liked: It was a calm, toned-down version. The vocals were nice, though a tad odd, sometimes (they sound like they were slightly modified in the studio - and no, I’m not talking about the harmonies).

What I didn’t like: what they did with the instrumental part - what was that??? The song was very… meh, would be the word. Nice, but never great, and always the same throughout - they could have cut it to 3 minutes, two, or even 1; it always has the same feel, and is lacking something, I can’t really explain. Also felt too much like a lullaby, which one could argue that No One Is Alone is, though I don’t agree. It lacks some power, some strenght.

I always feel like whenever they pick up a showtune, they take out a small chunk of its soul, its essence, and turn it into a pop-ish song. That happens here, but only to a certain extent.

Anyway, I didn’t think it was that bad, has quite a few problems, which Glee usually has, but it was not as bad as some other renditions of other songs I’ve heard from them. Will not be listening to it again, though. Still, I am curious about the context in which they will insert the song - did someone die, is someone simply sad, what happened? Because this version definitely does no have enough power to comfort someone after a death.

Anonymous asked: Love your blog! Are you from the US?

Thank you so much!!!! And no, I’m not from the US, sadly. I love my country, but I would’ve loved to have grown up in the US, because musical theatre is actually a thing, there. Or in the UK.

I’ll probably move to the US or the UK when I get my Masters degree. Probably the UK, because I’ve been there a couple of times and love it. 

harrypotterandthesorcerersbone asked: Ok so I have a group of like thirty friends who want to see Into the Woods with me just because I read them the cast. Is that to much, or shall I convert more people?

Hahaha. Depends. What production? The original Broadway production? Or the movie? Regardless, that’s amazing, great job!

Definitely try to convert as many as you can ;)

firenzelovegoodthewolf asked: Into the Woods is definitely my favorite musical. I was lucky enough to play the Baker in a production. I have been acquainted with the show since I was about 8, and 11 years later, I don't see it changing its ranking any time soon.

That’s good to know! It’s an amazing show, and more people should be aware of its existence. I only wish I could’ve been in a production, like you ;)

jax95 asked: I am actually in my schools production of ITW right now! I'm sooo excited to be playing Little Red. I went searching for blogs that related to the show and I luckily found this one! I love it, so thank you =D What's your favorite line?

That’s amazing!!! Did you like the experience? I hope you did great ;)

Thank you so much. Also, I can’t really choose a line, that’s even more difficult than choosing a favorite song!

lonelycaboose asked: Yes hello... I'm so in love with this blog.. I'm happy that it's a thing... I played Little Red at my school's performance in November. Oh, the feels. I just.. love you, okay?

Wow. Thank you! I love to get messages from people saying they like this blog, makes me so happy!!!!