Anonymous asked: If you look on the Into the Woods tumblr feed...I believe there is a better photo of Meryl after her transformation

Can’t find it, sorry.

ARTIST: Phylicia Rashād
SONG: Stay With Me
ALBUM: Into The Woods


Phylicia Rashād (Witch) singing Stay With Me from Into The Woods [Broadway, 24 April 1988]


Into the Woods Original Cast Recording Session (1987)

ARTIST: Meryl Streep
SONG: Meryl Streep "Lament" Into the Woods



Just a short snippet of Meryl Streep singing “Lament”. Audio was not taken by me and seems to have been taken by a cell phone in studio.

Since the last one seems to have been taken down, here you go, enjoy ;)

Anonymous asked: Listen to the audio leak now and tell us what you thought! It's posted on this blog in the archives! :)

Yes, I’ve found it. I think it’s very good in showing us the emotional impact what has happened to Rapunzel has on the Witch. Meryl is quite smart in this, she’s not only acting through the song, she’s whispering it - Meryl doesn’t have the best singing voice out there (please, no asks with links to videos of Meryl singing. She did have a lovely soprano voice when she was younger. I know.) so she’s taking advantage of this being a very intimate and emotional song and whisper-singing it - which has proven very effective in movies, and like she did (and quite well, imo) in Mamma Mia’s The Winner Takes It All. I am very curious, though, to see her doing Last Midnight, because that’s a song that’s not going to work if sung like this. I trust Meryl, though.

Anonymous asked: Do you think Anna Kendrick has the vocal range for Cinderella? I think she can handle it...

Oh, she doesn’t. And that’s not an opinion - it’s a fact. But that’s not at all a problem, they can very easily change the keys to fit her vocal range. So she’s not a soprano, who cares, she’s a very good singer (and actress, of course), and that’s what’s important.

Anonymous asked: ANOTHER SCREENING REVIEW: "Just seen this at an advance screening. Great film, I'd give it an 8/10! Great cast and a pretty good story, interesting how it all links together. James corden was surprisingly pretty much the main character and the special effects weren't too shabby either. Recommended!!"
Anonymous asked: People have described Johnny's cameo as "effective and creepy"

I do think he can handle it, at least the acting, so I trust that it will be effective, and really there is no way for that scene not to be creepy. I do hope that they will keep its comic touch, though.

Joy Franz (Cinderella’s Stepmother in the original Broadway cast of Into the Woods) and Tim Realbuto singing “No One Is Alone” at 54 Below.

Anonymous asked: What do you think of Meryl's singing in the Lament audio leak? I LOVE IT!

Oh, I’m sorry, that audio leaked so long ago, I no longer remember how it was :P

Anonymous asked: When I say "people from the screenings say Depp is a little bit of a standout"...I mean he is effective in his cameo turn as the Wolf. Take that from the numerous people who saw the screening(s).

I don’t want to come off as as a Johnny Depp hater, or that I’m trying to undermine his role in the movie; it’s just that it really is a very small part, so I don’t think you can call it a standout. I do hope his cameo is effective, and I’m curious to see what he does.

Anonymous asked: Ok...look at Kim Crosby in On the Steps of the Palace. She looks like a young Julie Andrews at certain moments! :)

She kind of does, doesn’t she? She’s absolutely stunning!

Anonymous asked: To answer your question about which major films that have not had a full official trailer at least to months before the premiere... one word: FROZEN

Close, but not really - the trailer for Frozen was released 2 months and 1 day before its wide release in the USA, so still over 2 months :P

But yes, you’re right, Frozen was one of those films with the trailer released very close to the film’s release date. However, you can’t compare it with Into The Woods for one simple reason - Frozen had a huge marketing campaign in the Disney theme parks until its release (and during it); this is not possible with Into The Woods, I believe.

Anonymous asked: so since the trailer didn't come out today, does that mean we have to wait until big hero 6 in November? or can it come out whenever they want it to? thanks!

I think we will need to wait for Big Hero 6, then, which is just stupid and a poor marketing strategy from Disney’s part. I’ve checked all the movies coming out from the studios Disney is currently distributing, and Big Hero 6 is the closest; since it comes out on November 7th, we should have the trailer online a couple of days before that.